• A HiFructose review of Flight of the Dodo

    HiFructose visits Flight of the Dodo at Gallery Wendi Norris

  • Smithsonian American Art Museum

    The Singing and the Silence is an exhibition commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the death of Martha, the last passenger pigeon and will feature several of my sculptures relating to birds and extinction.

  • Hudson River Museum

    Strut:The Peacock in Beauty and Art will feature two of my peacock sculptures in Fall 2014

  • The Skull Show at The Bedford Gallery

    The Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts is exhibiting The Skull Show, which includes some of my hominid skull sculptures.

  • Museum of Art and Design

    Against the Grain show features some of my wood carvings.

  • Against the Grain Catalog

    Amazon carries the full catalog for the Against the Grain show at the Museum of Art and Design in New York

  • Flight of the Dodo partial digital catalog

  • OPP Interview

    Thanks for the interview, Other Peoples Pixels!

  • Atlantic Cities

    Here's a nice write-up about my biodiversity suits in the 40 Under 40:Craft Futures show at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian:

  • De Young Museum

    I'm honored for Andy Diaz Hope and I to have been chosen as a collaborative team to be Artist Fellows at the de Young Museum of San Francisco. Some information about our project there can be found: here

  • early 2012 shows

    Allegory of the Monoceros will be shown in two upcoming group shows:
    "Dissecting Nature" at Quint Contemporary Gallery in San Diego, CA, from January 14 - Feb 24
    "The Eloquence of Trees" at Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho, in March

  • New York Show, November 2011

    I'm excited to announce a new show of solo and collaborative work with Andy Diaz Hope at Schroeder Romero and Shredder opening Thursday November 17th from 6-8 pm. We've worked very hard over the last year to put this show together - come see it!

  • KIAF

    Megumi Ogita Gallery will be presenting my work at the Korea International Art Fair September 22-26.

  • New York Show

    This fall Andy and I will be presenting a show of both our solo and collaborative work entitled 2011 at Schroeder Romero and Shredder Gallery of New York.

  • Tokyo Show

    I'm happy to be showing a solo exhibition of work entitled Supernatural at Megumi Ogita Gallery of Tokyo, Japan, opening July 12th.

  • Troutfactory Notebook

    Trane DeVore interviewed me for Troutfactory Notebook. Thanks, Trane!

  • Nails Mag Interview

    Nails Mag published an interview with me in June.

  • Maltz Museum

    Much thanks to Steven Litt of Cleveland.com for the great review of the show I'm part of at the Maltz Museum in Ohio.

  • Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

    I feel very honored to have been chosen to participate in "Craft Futures:40 Under 40" at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 2012.

  • Hope Chest

    Thanks to Bioephemera for writing about Hope Chest and other series on scienceblogs.com.

  • Miami Mention

    Here's a nice mention of the peacocks in The Creative Face, the Creative Design Magazine, and another on Strychnin Gallery's Blog.

  • Petals and Bones Interview

    I'd like to thank Petals and Bones for including me in their interview series.

  • Progressive Collection

    I'm happy to say that The Progressive Collection purchased Plumage, Allegory of the Monoceros, and Allegory of the Infinite Mortal during previews at Pulse Miami 2010. It's a great collection, and Andy and I are glad to be included.

  • December 2010 News

    Allegory of the Infinite Mortal, my new tapestry in collaboration with Andy Diaz Hope is finished and currently on display for the month of December at Catharine Clark Gallery of SF, along with Allegory of the Monoceros and Space Station.

    The tapestries will also be travelling to Miami to be shown at the Pulse Art fair with Schroeder Romero and Shredder Gallery, along with Plumage, my newest peacocks.

  • Blogosphere Love

    Nice reviews of the Biodiversity Suits on:
    World Famous Design Junkies and Barre.me.

    and the peacocks received a lot of attention in the Khaleej Times of Dubai as well as Trend Hunter, Bella Sugar, Neat-o-rama, Lost at E Minor, The Wonderlust Journal, All the Art Out There, and Designer's Block UK.

    Also, a lovely piece about my wood carvings at MLFY, and another on Etsy, as well as an interview with Giant Fire Breathing Robot.
    You can click the links to see the articles. Thanks, everyone!

  • PULSE 2010

    Schroeder Romero and Shredder's booth at the PULSE Art Fair in Miami will be featuring work by myself and in collaboration with Andy Diaz Hope. Come check it out and say hi!

  • Ripleys

    I'm pleased to announce that I've completed a commission for Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. Ripley's Birds of Paradise will be on display in their new gallery in Hollywood beginning this December.

  • Greatest Knitting of All Time

    Biodiversity Suits for Urban Pigeons will be included in Lela Nargi's upcoming book, The Greatest Knitting of All Time.

  • HK10

    Eye of the Beholder and several Biodiversity Suits for Urban Pigeons are travelling to Hong Kong with Frey Norris Gallery for display at ArtHK10, the Hong Kong International Art Fair.

  • The Culture of Knitting

    Andy Diaz Hope and I are both featured in the fascinating new book, The Culture of Knitting, by Joanne Turney.

  • Art Business's Pick of First Thursday

    Art Business gave a very nice review of Mary Anne Kluth and my show, Theory of the Unforeseen, as well as choosing it as their "Pick of First Thursday." Scroll down to our show.

  • Flavorpill

    Flavorpill does a good job of describing Theory of the Unforeseen.

  • SFWeekly

    A nicely written review of Theory of the Unforeseen in the SFWeekly.

  • inGen article

    Jack O'Shaughnessy wrote a great article about Andy's and my work in the art edition of inGen magazine, which just went up on line. article pages 46-47, more pics on 60: inGen magazine

  • Theory of the Unforeseen

    I am happy to be showing with Mary Anne Kluth at Frey Norris Gallery this September 3rd through October 4th. The opening is September 3rd, 6-9 pm.
    Catalogs, with an essay by Glen Helfand, are available through the gallery.

  • summer shows

    This summer holds a few group shows that include my work alongside many talented artists:
    X at Mixed Greens Gallery in New York
    It's a Schro Ro Summer at Schroeder Romero in New York
    Size Matters at Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago

  • a nice write up of Trinity...

  • Chicago's Newcity Art recommended my "Hope Chest" show at the International Museum of Surgical Science.

  • Tales From an Imaginary Menagerie at the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation opens this January 22nd and runs through April 26th and includes Allegory of the Monoceros.

    Tales from an Imaginary Menagerie explores current directions in contemporary art in which artists have created imaginary hybrid animals or mined the subject of animals in an anthropomorphic territory usually reserved for publications for children. These directions may revisit the wide realm of imagination identified with 19th century cabinets of wonder, reflect the artist’s political strategies for statements on science or gender, or be a mechanism for compelling narratives or delving into investigations of the inner psyche. The blurring of the boundaries between human and animal manifests our culture’s projection of human attributes in our companion creatures and adoption of animal attributes in human activities, ranging from athletic contest to claiming sexual identity.

    Tales from an Imaginary Menagerie features drawings, sculpture, photography, tapestry, and video by Randy Bolton, Ria Brodell, John Casey, Adam Chapman, Timothy Cummings, Walton Ford, Justin Gibbens, Scott Greene, Julie Heffernan, Laurie Hogin, Anthony Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth, Misako Inaoka, Nina Katchadourian, Margot Quan Knight, Philip Knoll, Walter Robinson, John Slepian, Deth P. Sun, Kevin E. Taylor, Masami Teraoka, Donald Roller Wilson, and Yuka Yamaguchi. In collaboration with the exhibition Natural Blunders at the de Saisset Museum in Santa Clara University [http://www.scu.edu/de Saisset], Tales from an Imaginary Menagerie marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

  • the International Museum Of Surgical Science

    The International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago will be showing a body of my work entitled "Hope Chest" from Jan 30th through April 17th alongside Dominic Paul Moore's 'Put This in Your Mouth' show of drawings.

  • Ask Melissa's Natasha Schlesinger reviews MADMuseum's inaugural show, including a lovely mention and pics of Trinity.

  • Village Voice review 'Best in Show'

    The Village Voice - very nice review of our Future Darwinist show.

  • 7x7 interview

    There's an article about Compound21 in this month's 7x7 magazine:

  • Building Trinity, MADmuseum video

    Watch Andy and I talk about and build Trinity.
    video by Richard Rethemyer for MADmuseum
    Special guest appearance by Fargo!

  • Trinity

    Trinity is featured as a notable exhibit in the new MADMuseum inaugural show by the cartel agency blog.

  • Beautiful Decay

  • Allegory of the Monocerus

    Andy Diaz Hope and I recently collaborated on a tapestry woven through the Magnolia Tapestry Project.
    Allegory of the Monocerus is now complete and will be a part of our show at Schroeder Romero this October.

  • SF Art Examiner talks about the chandelier

  • nice SF Weekly mention of "Space Station" sculpture at Catharine Clark Gallery

  • Packer Schopf Gallery

    A solo show of my recent work will be opening October 17th at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago. The show is titled 'Domestic Product" and there'll be key pieces from my new series on food as well as other work relating to biology as seen from the home. Upstairs in the other part of the gallery will be lovely, twisted paintings by Doug Smithenry.
    Packer Schopf Gallery
    942 W. Lake St.
    Chicago, IL

  • Future Darwinist at Schroeder Romero Gallery

    Future Darwinist, a show of both solo and collaborative work by Andy Diaz Hope and myself, opens October 10th at Schroeder Romero Gallery in New York. We've spent the last year developing work based on end of Darwinian natural selection as the primary evolutionary force and its replacement by human driven selection. Come see large scale collaborative works as well as new solo work by each of us.
    Schroeder Romero Gallery
    637 West 27th Street
    New York

  • MAD Museum

    American Craft Magazine
    referencing the upcoming show at the Museum Of Art and Design in New York that features Trinity.

  • Limn Los Angeles

    Food #1 will be part of a group show titled 'Quorum' at Limn Gallery in Los Angeles opening August 8th.
    Also, on August 10th Limn will be hosting a Blood For Art event along with QuorumSF in which participants can donate blood (the local Red Cross will be there with their mobile unit) in trade for a limited edition print by one of participating artists. Artists include Andy Diaz Hope, Susannah Bettag, Ray Haywood, Paul Madonna, Rodney Ewing, Michelle Pred, Andrew Junge, Harry Siter, Svea Lin Vezzone, Douglas Schneider, Raman Frey, and Laurel Roth.

  • Museum of Art and Design

    Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary
    Trinity will be showing in the inaugural exhibition, Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, of the Museum of Art and Design in New York. The show opens this September and runs until March 2009.
    Part of the triptych of chandeliers that make up Trinity will then go on to it's permanent new home at the 21C Museum in Kentucky.

  • Catharine Clark Gallery

    Andy and I have a collaborative piece in Catharine Clark Gallery's latest show, running July 19th through August 23rd. We're pleased to be showing our latest chandelier, Space Station, alongside work by Timothy Cummings, Sandow Birk, Anthony Discenza, and Torsten Burns.
    Catharine Clark Gallery
    150 Minna Street
    San Francisco, CA