Laurel Roth Hope
Man's Best Friend, Great DaneMan's Best Friend, Great DaneMan's Best Friend - English Bull DogMan's Best Friend - PugMan's Best Friend - Pit BullMan's Best Friend - Pug (front)Man's Best Friend - ChihuahuaLap of Luxury: Persian CatLap of Luxury: Persian Cat (front)Man's Best Friend - French Bull DogLap of Luxury, Persian Cat (II)Man's Best Friend - English Bull Dog (on pedestal)
Man's Best Friend
These designer pet skulls illustrate man’s hand in the design and creation of his environment and its inhabitants. They showcase the extreme of mankind’s modification of animals through breeding - our closest companions who could no longer survive without us, our highly bred pets.

Each carving is realistic in form but hand carved from solid industrial polysulfone or acrylic block and polished to a clear, high gloss resembling crystal, ice sculpture, or amber.